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View from my KTX train yesterday

I love traveling by train. I went to Gumi yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed the train rides back and forth. Here’s a little bit of the view that I’d like to share with you.


And here are some photos I took on the way and in Gumi.

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Original Korean Rap by Alex Ristich (Chocopie Rap)


Another cool original Korean rap by my friend Alex Ristich from Canada. He wrote and performed this rap at LanguageCast while he was visiting Seoul this year. You can hear him speak Korean here: and find him on FB here:

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Time-lapse video of an intersection at night in Seoul


Here’s a short video I made a few days ago of an intersection in Seodaemun-gu in Seoul, South Korea. I thought it was interesting how so many cars were still on the road at such a late hour so I made this time-lapse video. Hope you enjoy watching it! Thank you!



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“Roy The Cook” – My new favorite pasta place in Seoul

Today, as we often do on the weekend, my wife and I headed out to Hongdae for our first meal of the day … around 3 PM. I kind of felt like trying a new restaurant, and Mikyung suggested going to this pasta place that she had been to, just yesterday. I had seen the restaurant before while passing by, so I was curious too.

The weather was beautiful today, and this is a picture I took from the table we sat at – very pretty, right? It’s a small restaurant, but both the owner (the cook) and the waitress are very nice and the food is great.

This is what I had. It was 16,000 won. I loved it. (Sorry, forgot the name.)

And this is what Mikyung had. I think it was 15,000 won or less. It was very very good, too!

And the waitress recognized Mikyung from her visit yesterday, and offered us a free tiramisu to thank her for her second visit, which was very nice of her.

If you want to check out the restaurant yourself, here’s the restaurant’s foursquare info:


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What is tricking? – via Sonny Side Films

Another amazing video from Sonny Side Films! This one is about tricksters in Korea! Even if you aren’t familiar with tricking, you will love this video!


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The Wedding of Susan & Matt Lee – via @hdefined

I know from my own experience that getting married is a wonderful thing. My friend Matt Lee recently got married and it’s too bad that I couldn’t be there to see his wedding in person. They are enjoying their honeymoon now and in the meanwhile, here’s a video that Michael made at the wedding. Such a cheerful and happy couple (and video)! : )

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The Yeosu Expo (ROK On! Episode #31) – via @noealz

As many of you know by now, I went to Yeosu Expo last weekend with the staff and listeners of Talk To Me In Korean and the staff of ROKing Korea. I had a really good time, and here’s a really nice video by my friend Noe! Check it out and be sure to subscribe to his channel too!

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