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I Like This Wall Decoration :)

Coffee shop wall

At a coffee shop near my office in Seoul 🙂

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에스컬레이터 and 효진

We were on our way back to the office after filming some lessons – and stopped by a department store to just take a quick look around. Hyojin was right behind me so I started filming a video, but she didn’t really know what to say. Well, at least this video introduces you the fact that escalators are called 에스컬레이터 in Korean, I hope 😀

Thanks for watching!

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“Roy The Cook” – My new favorite pasta place in Seoul

Today, as we often do on the weekend, my wife and I headed out to Hongdae for our first meal of the day … around 3 PM. I kind of felt like trying a new restaurant, and Mikyung suggested going to this pasta place that she had been to, just yesterday. I had seen the restaurant before while passing by, so I was curious too.

The weather was beautiful today, and this is a picture I took from the table we sat at – very pretty, right? It’s a small restaurant, but both the owner (the cook) and the waitress are very nice and the food is great.

This is what I had. It was 16,000 won. I loved it. (Sorry, forgot the name.)

And this is what Mikyung had. I think it was 15,000 won or less. It was very very good, too!

And the waitress recognized Mikyung from her visit yesterday, and offered us a free tiramisu to thank her for her second visit, which was very nice of her.

If you want to check out the restaurant yourself, here’s the restaurant’s foursquare info:


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Pretty muffins


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Bilingual Talks | Ep. 7 | English + Korean | Murray + Mikyung



For this episode of Bilingual Talk, I invited my wife Mikyung and my friend Murray to talk to each other in English and Korean. Hope you enjoy watching it! : )


Thank you for watching and subscribing!

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Photo taken in Taco Bell in Hongdae, Seoul, Korea

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Lively yet calm


Photo taken in Hongdae

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